30,000 Pro-Hamas Demonstrators Rally in Washington D.C. in Support of Terrorism

The Washington Post

Thousands of people supporting Palestinian rights converged Saturday on Washington from around the country, demanding a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and an end to American aid to Israel amid a deepening war.

Protestors filled and flowed beyond Freedom Plaza, a block from the White House, with the crowd streaming for at least a half mile down the surrounding streets. Anger and emotion mixed with feelings of comfort and encouragement, attendees said, as people of all ages mingled with like-minded allies. Many said they appreciated the chance to voice their demands and concerns en masse.

The demonstration appeared to be one of the largest expressions of solidarity with the Palestinian people to date. From the stage, speakers led the crowd in chants of “Free, free Palestine! Free, free Palestine!” and “Cease-fire now!” Many lashed out at President Biden for his support of Israel, which has responded to a Hamas attack on civilians with a deadly invasion of Gaza.

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