Major Publisher, Education Association Sue Iowa to Keep Sexually Explicit Books on School Shelves

Students in Library

Penguin Random House, authors and teachers with the Iowa State Education Association filed a lawsuit against Iowa State Board of Education officials on Thursday, claiming that a law banning pornographic books in schools is unconstitutional, according to court documents.

Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the law, SF496, in May, which bars books discussing gender identity in kindergarten through sixth-grade classrooms and requires educators to keep parents informed if their child expresses a desire to change their gender identity, according to the Associated Press. The plaintiffs, however, argued in the lawsuit that the ban is “unconstitutionally vague.”

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Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ Pre-Caucus Endorsement of DeSantis Could Prove Costly to Kickoff Caucus State

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ endorsement this week of Ron DeSantis for president a little more than two months before the Iowa caucuses could give the Florida governor a bit of a lift, but it very well could hurt the state GOP’s future prospects.

Former President Donald Trump, who leads DeSantis by nearly 30 percentage points in the latest Iowa poll, has clearly expressed his dissatisfaction with Reynolds’ rallying around DeSantis — especially after he accused Iowa’s popular governor of playing political footsie with DeSantis earlier this year.

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Iowa Governor Rips Media for Wrongly Describing Keeping Sexually Explicit Material Out of Schools as Banning Books

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is pushing back against claims from some in the media that an education bill she signed into law back in late May involved banning books.  

Senate File 496 prohibited books with written and visual depictions of sex acts from school libraries.

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Pence Vows to Block Federal Funds for Sex Changes on Children

Former Vice President Mike Pence says if elected president he would block federal funding to healthcare providers who perform and promote surgical or chemical gender reassignments on children.

Pence over the weekend laid out his Putting America’s Families and Values Plan that endorses passage of a 15-week federal limit on abortions, advancing universal school choice, and “ending the war on traditional family values.”

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Kinder, Gentler Iowa Cattle Call of GOP Presidential Hopefuls Sees Ramaswamy, DeSantis, Haley Generate Most Buzz

The latest cattle call of GOP presidential contestants — sans former President Donald Trump — mainly maintained Iowa nice, a departure from last month’s first fiery primary debate and a similar Christian conservative event in July hosted by conservative talk show host lightning rod Tucker Carlson.

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Tim Scott Hits the Ground Running in Iowa, South Carolina Following ‘Fading’ Debate

Fresh from unveiling his new Empower Parents Plan, U.S. Senator Tim Scott is back on the presidential campaign trail this week in the kickoff caucus state.

The South Carolina Republican plans multiple stops in Iowa following what many pundits saw as an unmemorable performance in last week’s first Republican presidential primary debate.

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GOP Presidential Candidate Tim Scott Talks Border, Biden, and Barbecue with Governor Kim Reynolds at Iowa State Fair

Rising in the Hawkeye State polls, U.S. Senator Tim Scott did the Iowa State Fair Tuesday, rediscovering the sweet joys of funnel cake and sitting down with Governor Kim Reynolds for a “Fair-Side Chat.”

The top tier contestant for the Republican Party presidential nomination and proud South Carolinian also made a confession that could cause him some heartburn in the Palmetto State.

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Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds Set to Hold ‘Fair-Side Chats’ with GOP Presidential Candidates; Trump Has His Own Plans

It’s State Fair time in the Hawkeye State, and with a little more than five months before Iowa’s first-in-the- nation primary that means one thing: Presidential candidates galore.

While Thrill Ville still thrills and food on a stick remains cuisine du jour, the Iowa State Fair — as it does every four years — is a showplace for presidential aspirants.

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Iowa Gov. Reynolds Using ARPA Funds to Send Troops to Texas Border

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is using money from the American Rescue Plan Act to send law enforcement to the Texas border as part of Operation Lone Star.

The governor said Wednesday she is authorizing 109 National Guard soldiers to the Texas border to help with the border security mission.

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Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds Announces Completion of State Government Downsizing

Governor Kim Reynolds says her administration has successfully implemented a state government re-alignment plan, reducing the number of cabinet-level departments from 37 to 16.

Reynolds’ government downsizing plan, Senate File 514, was a defining piece of legislation in a historic session of the Iowa Legislature.

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