Detransitioner Chloe Cole Scheduled to Speak at University of Iowa

In her battle against so-called “gender-affirming care” (aka sex changes) for children, Chloe Cole says she “will never be silenced until the butchers put the scalpel down.”

Cole, a 19-year-old former transgender boy who detransitioned at 17, has a powerful story to tell.

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Pence Vows to Block Federal Funds for Sex Changes on Children

Former Vice President Mike Pence says if elected president he would block federal funding to healthcare providers who perform and promote surgical or chemical gender reassignments on children.

Pence over the weekend laid out his Putting America’s Families and Values Plan that endorses passage of a 15-week federal limit on abortions, advancing universal school choice, and “ending the war on traditional family values.”

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Conservative Trans Agenda Critic Matt Walsh Coming to University of Iowa, Liberals Planning to Protest

Conservative commentator and activist Matt Walsh is coming to the University of Iowa, and the far-left is already up in arms. 

Walsh, as part of his “What is a Woman?” documentary national tour will speak at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 19, at the university’s Iowa Memorial Union Main Lounge, according to event host, Young Americans for Freedom.

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Iowa Suspends New DEI Policies in Higher Education, Launches Probe into Current Ones

The Board of Regents overseeing Iowa’s public universities has paused implementation of any new diversity, equity and inclusion programs at the state’s three major public universities as officials launch a review of them.

The March 14 announcement comes in the wake of a recently introduced bill in the Iowa House of Representatives that aims to halt spending on DEI initiatives in higher education.

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Iowa Republicans Advance Bill to Block Spending on ‘Woke Agenda’ in State Universities

A bill passed by an Iowa House committee and currently making its way through the state House aims to put a stop to the woke agenda in state colleges and universities by prohibiting the schools from spending on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) offices and personnel working in roles associated with such ideology.

“For too long, the DEI bureaucracies at our institutions of higher education have been used to push a woke agenda on the faculty, staff and students,” Iowa state Rep. Taylor Collins told Fox News. “Under the guise of diversity and inclusion, these programs work to indoctrinate students into their preferred political ideology.”

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